Ardhuncart supports a mix of barley, livestock and sheep. We look to Scot Gov to support more environmentally friendly methods of farming.

Environment/ Bio Diversity

Ours is a very light touch approach.

We are making environmental and habitat improvements, but keeping the loss of farmland to a minimum. About 2% of the total or 17 acres.

Carbon Footprint

A carbon audit in 2024 put our cropping business at more than 20% over the Scottish average. As a farming enterprise we need to improve our carbon footprint. We assume that in future there will be financial incentives or penalties for poor performance in this regard. We acknowledge that we need to improve this aspect, particularly on the cropping side.

Scottish Government Road Map

We anticipate and welcome (when they are finally clarified) financially encouraged changes to crop rotation, fertilizers and pesticide use and other measures to encourage biodiversity and improve soil quality and sustainability. We need to anticipate these changes and future proof the business.