River Restoration

No shade. Nowhere to hide.

River restoration is crucial to improve spawning levels and the survival of fry to adults.

Action plans

Main river

Large Woody structures needed

Large Woody structures, Riparian Borders and Tree Planting, Flood Plain Reconnection.

The River banks need re-enforcing with Large Woody structures, to prevent further erosion. The current flow of water is too powerful and the river too wide for porous log jams, flood Plain reconnection needed.

Work will commence 2024.

Large Woody structures

Mossat Burn

Porous log jam

There is no cover for juvenile fish should their parents survive to have them. In 2023 year there were shoals reported by Jim Kerr of the Don River Board. It is heron heaven. There is nowhere for fry and parr to shelter.

The burn will benefit from the placement of LWS (Large Woody Structures) and porous dams which will improve water flows and fish habitat and give them half a chance to survive to adulthood.

This will also commence in 2024.

jimmies map2.0

Vision for the future

The Mossat Burn is an important spawning tributary. Like the Don itself, it suffers from lack of tree cover. Its shallow water needs dappled shade to cool it. On a scale of 0-10 the Mossat scores  9 on the Scottish River Temperature Monitoring Network (SRTMN). The tributary ranks as HIGH PRIORITY. Urgent tree planting is needed on both banks.

We will plant the Ardhuncart bank within 2024